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MSNBC’s Brzezinski FED UP with Hillary; only shows up for ‘red carpet’ treatment

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“Morning Joe’s” more liberal co-host Mika Brzezinski slammed Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton Monday for her highly orchestrated morning show appearances.

Brzezinski said that Republican presidential candidates make all the rounds of Sunday talk shows — although Donald Trump usually phones in his interviews.

“You’ve got Chris Christie and all these other guys getting up at whatever time it is, Carly Fiorina, on West Coast time or wherever the debate is, and showing up on TV, and then watching all the Sunday morning shows,” she said.

“And Hillary’s not even showing up,” co-host Joe Scarborough interjected.

“We’ve got the opposite problem with Hillary, who shows up when she wants to, who shows up when she feels like it, and only when a red carpet has been rolled out, and everything has been negotiated and pre-planned,” she said. “And everyone can say, they don’t do that – they do.”

Watch the clip, via The Washington Free Beacon.


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