‘You can’t hold it for two hours?’ Rush thinks it might be time to check Hillary’s medical records

Rush Limbaugh had a completely different take on Hillary Clinton’s late arrival after the first commercial break at Saturday’s Democratic presidential debate.

The popular conservative talk radio host wants to see the former secretary of state’s medical records.

“So Hillary Clinton leaves the debate stage to go take a whiz,” Limbaugh began. “They timed it for her. She had a minute 45 seconds to get there, a minute 45 to get back and whatever length of time it took to do the business.”

But the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry — in this case, another occupant. Apparently she can’t tinkle with someone else in the room.

“There are multiple stalls in this restroom, but Mrs. Clinton, in full queen mode, refused to go in the bathroom when there was another woman in there,” he said.

But the real issue, Limbaugh noted, was Clinton’s need to use the facilities at all.

“You can’t hold it for two hours?” he asked. “You can’t go to the bathroom before the debate and make it two hours without it? Where are her medical records? This is the thing that made me curious about this.”

He also questioned her even leaving the stage during break.

“You have to leave the debate during a commercial break — who does that?”

Read the full transcript at RushLimbaugh.com.


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