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No more flying like infidels! First Sharia-compliant airline launches

Image: Twitter / Rayani Air

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Devout passengers in Muslim-dominated Malaysia no longer have to suffer the misfortune of flying like infidels.

On Sunday, Rayani Air inaugurated the country’s first Sharia-compliant airline with a flight between Kuala Lampur and Langkawi.

According to the airline’s managing director, Jaafar Zamhari, the airline only serves food that passes Islamic dietary laws, known as “halal,” and alcohol is strictly forbidden. Female Muslim flight crew must wear the hijab, and prayers will be recited before each flight, the IB Times reported Monday.

With two Boeing 737-400 aircraft and 355 employees, Rayani Air serves four cities in Malaysia, with plans to expand internationally, providing pilgrim flights to Saudi Arabia.

Rayani joins three other airlines in offering Sharia-compliant flying: Royal Brunei Airlines, Saudi Arabian Airlines and Iran Air.

Malaysia, located near the equator in Southeast Asia, officially claims Islam as its state religion, with over 60 percent of its citizens practicing Muslims. Although Christians make up nearly 10 percent of the population, Christian proselytizing or Muslims converting from Islam is strictly forbidden.

Steve Berman


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