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Miss Puerto Rico suspended after Michael Moore online slap-down over ‘We are all Muslim’ sign

Image: Latin Times

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Miss Puerto Rico 2015 paid the price for going toe to toe with leftist filmmaker Michael Moore–the pageant slapped her with an indefinite suspension.

On Thursday, BPR reported Destiny Velez‘s reaction on Twitter to Moore’s campaign condemning GOP candidate Donald Trump‘s proposal to close U.S. borders to all Muslim immigration.

One tweet Velez sent to Moore read, “Stop fighting a Godly war that doesn’t belong to u for u are a proclaimed atheist. The is a matter of faith NOT economics.”

Read the explosive tweets:
Will Miss Puerto Rico pay price for bashing Michael Moore’s ‘We are all Muslim’ sign?

Since Thursday, the tweets been deleted from Velez’s Twitter account.

On Saturday, the Miss Puerto Rico organization published a statement on Facebook, condemning Velez’s words. “The Miss Puerto Organization feels that her words do not represent the integrity and esteem of our program, nor that of our board members, our sponsors and partners, or the National Organization.”

“Miss Velez’s actions were in contradiction to the organization, and therefore as a consequence of her actions, she has been suspended indefinitely,” the statement continued.

Velez followed up with tweets apologizing to anyone she may have offended.

Moore–who is rather comfortable with his own online bullying–gloated over Velez’ suspension.


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