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Hillary’s rude mystery debate absence explained

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Perhaps Queen Hillary suffers from the social phobia known as bashful bladder?

The great mystery of why Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton was late returning to the stage during Saturday evening’s presidential debate appeared to center on bathroom privileges, as in not being willing to share the loo with the great unwashed?

The Boston Globe reported that a staffer for Clinton’s rival, former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, got to the restroom before Clinton during the commercial break and the candidate waited for the ladies’ room to clear out before taking care of her business.

The facility did have multiple stalls, the Globe noted.

The O’Malley staffer, deputy campaign manager Lis Smith, had nothing to say about the alleged incident.

When Clinton finally returned to the stage — to ABC’s credit, they went on without her — she offered the live TV audience a one word apology: “Sorry.”

Apparently bathrooms are a big deal for Team Hillary because a “top staffer” was pre-positioned outside the facility to keep the unworthy at bay during breaks, according to the Globe. But this person — likely a former Clinton staffer now — reportedly gave Smith the go-ahead to use the facility.

Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill ruled out safety, telling the Globe there wasn’t a security reason keeping her from sharing a bathroom. He offered no other comments.

Social media users had a little harmless fun with the incident, but let’s hope there’s no medical reason at play. Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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