Who do you trust for truth on terror, FBI or White House?

Should we listen to President Obama or FBI Director James Comey? Fox News host David Asman threw a question out to his panel on “Forbes on Fox” […]

Watch what happens when car full of Star Wars characters are pulled over by Texas cop

A short time ago, in a state not too far, far away, a Texas police officer came face to face with another kind of force. On Dec. […]

‘You can’t hold it for two hours?’ Rush thinks it might be time to check Hillary’s medical records

Rush Limbaugh had a completely different take on Hillary Clinton’s late arrival after the first commercial break at Saturday’s Democratic presidential debate. The popular conservative talk radio […]

lie of the year
Politifact can’t decide on ‘Lie of the Year’ – so, naturally they do THIS . . .

Politifact seemed determined to pin their annual “Lie of the Year” on Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, noting that the “only real contenders were Trump’s.” But not […]

Obama dumps on Trump for ‘exploiting’ blue-collar workers; throws down tattered race card

President Barack Obama to a direct shot at Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump in an interview that aired on Monday, saying he is “exploiting” the anxiety of […]

Mall of America files for restraining order against Black Lives Matter

Mall of America, the largest mall in the United States is taking the controversial activist group Black Lives Matter to court, seeking a temporary restraining order to […]

The Gipper’s incredible history lesson may hold the key for Cruz and Trump

Op-ed by Steve Berman If there’s a lesson to be learned from the last two weeks’ worth of polling in Iowa, it’s this: The ground game matters. […]

Santorum sets Mika off in testy exchange: Forget Muslims, what are you doing about ‘white men with guns?’

When Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum defended his position that Muslims-Americans refuse to fight the cancer of radical Islam,an MSNBC co-host asked the former senator what he […]

Obama warns campus protesters not to ‘shut up’ opposition, like conservatives do

In an interview released Monday by NPR, President Barack Obama praised recent student protests that have rocked campuses in recent months as a “good thing,” but urged them not to “shut people up” in the process.

ISIS has stolen tens of thousands of blank passports to use for smuggling, report says

A German news source reported Sunday that Islamic State militants may have stolen “tens of thousands” ofblank passports that they can use to smuggle terrorists into Western […]

Trump says Putin’s innocent until proven guilty: ‘Has anybody proved he’s killed reporters?’

Republican presidential front-runner Donald TrumpdefendedRussian President Vladimir Putin, when prodded by media, and remarked that there was no evidence that he’d killed any journalists. During a telephone […]

Hey, Hillary, that ISIS recruitment video you were looking for has been found…just one problem

There is some good news and bad news for Hillary Clinton. The good news is that an Islamic State propaganda video that features a prominent American politician, […]