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Pelosi proudly brags: How could we refuse when GOP gave us everything so easily?

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pelosi1001newIt may as well be Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid leading Congress.

Republicans seem intent on giving them everything they want anyway?

The former Speaker of the House told reporters the reason the $1.2 trillion Omnibus spending bill passed Friday because the GOP leadership gave up so much it was an offer the Democrats couldn’t refuse.

“They were willing to concede so much,” Pelosi said proudly according to CNS News.

“We’re pleased that the legislation is rid of its poison pill riders, that what is in the bill is positive in terms of–well, let’s talk about what they did. It eliminated riders to dismantle women’s health,” she said in reference to the Republican’s failure to defund abortion giant Planned Parenthood. “And they, of course, had to take out their provisions to destroy ACA (Obamacare).

She praised the bipartisan support for the bill as well. Bipartisan is usually code for the Republicans caved.

“The fact that we had such a victory, actually a bipartisan victory on the budget deal, enabled us to have tens of billions of dollars more in upper investments. So there’s many good things that the appropriators negotiated in a bipartisan way, that are in the bill,” she said.

Just hand her back the gavel.

Carmine Sabia


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