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‘I have two boobs and six butts’: Furious woman airs grievances to city council in unbelievable rant

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Woman RantA visibly angry Nebraska woman unleashed a bizarre rant at a city council meeting that likely still has the council members scratching their heads.

The woman, who first said her name was Arroyo-Guzman and then said she was Teri Pope Gonzalez, took advantage of Monday’s open mic portion of the meeting to air her grievances in a nonsensical rant.

And she used a clear plastic bag of props to do it.

“There’s a movie called Arroyo 2014. Get up and watch it!” she declared to begin her tirade. “I’m not the rancher. I’m not the rancher’s wife. I’m not the rancher’s kid. Not that I couldn’t have been. That’s not the path I chose was it? My ex-husband is the killer. And newsflash! He’s not dead!”

She then moved on to a clear plastic bag of props to make whatever her case was.

“My brother was here checking you guys out. So was my uncles. Do you know you have scratchy toilet paper?” she asked as she held aloft a pack of Angel Soft toilet paper.

“Let’s clear up some things,” she said. “Let’s clear up some things. I have two boobs, not six. I have six butts,” she scolded the council members.

She went on to pull out a pack of Camel cigarettes, a pink monkey, panties and a bag of marbles as her diatribe went on.

It was obvious that Gonzalez had a history with the council that involved attorneys and a fight over a concrete factory they allowed in a residential neighborhood, but that was about the only thing an outsider could glean.

She ended her harangue by reiterating her claim that he had two boobs and six butts.

Watch the entire peculiar episode below.

Carmine Sabia


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