Hillary lied about Trump during debate – and he’s not letting her get away with it

Did you know the Islamic State is using videos of Donald Trump to recruit more terrorists?

Hillary Clinton did.

“He is becoming ISIS’ best recruiter,” she said at the Democratic presidential debate in New Hampshire on Saturday. “They are going to people showing videos of Donald Trump insulting Islam and Muslims to recruit more radical jihadists.”

Fortunately for her she isn’t a Republican or one of the moderators might have asked her to back up such an outrageous claim with proof.

Trump fired back on social media saying Fox News fact checked Clinton’s claim and found it to be false but Trump doesn’t have to rely on just Fox.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked Peter Beinart, a contributor to “The Atlantic” and “National Journal” if he had seen any evidence of Trump videos being used for recruitment.

“No I haven’t,” he said. “The truth is — the thing that ISIS uses the most is American air strikes and drones that kill people in the Middle East that is being done by the Obama administration. That’s a bigger driver pf ISIS recruitment than anything Donald Trump is saying.”

Politifact also found no evidence for Clinton’s claim.

We were unable to find any evidence to support this. The Clinton campaign did not provide any evidence that this is already happening — only that it could be happening, or that it may in the future. If ISIS was using Trump for recruitment videos, we would expect a frenzy of media coverage over it. We rate this claim False.

Watch her make the claim below followed by CNN’s fact check.

Carmine Sabia


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