Funny Cruz parody ad marketed to ‘SNL’ crowd . . . well-played, Sir!

If this whole running for president thing doesn’t work out maybe Sen. Ted Cruz could be a cast member on Saturday Night Live.

The Republican presidential candidate aired a hilarious campaign ad in targeted Iowa markets during NBC’s sketch comedy show parodying an infomercial selling Christmas books.

Cruz read to his family from a collection of books that made fun of some of the beltway’s biggest players like President Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Boehner and Lois Lerner.

The Grinch Who Lost Her Emails

“How Obamacare Stole Christmas,” “Frosty The Speaker of the House,” “Auditing St. Nick,” and “The Grinch Who Lost Her Emails” were among some of the mocking titles Cruz read until he reached the final book.

“This is a good one,” he said as he picked up “The Senator Who Saved Christmas.”

“If you are not completely satisfied with this collection of Cruz Christmas classics you probably hate Christmas…and America,” the narrator said to end the video.

He’s probably right.

Carmine Sabia


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