THIS is why cops can’t hesitate; guy sucker-punches cops, shoots him during ‘routine’ stop

One of the drum beats of the anti-police movement in America is how cops “over-react” during “routine” traffic stops when a subject doesn’t obey commands.

The next time someone makes that argument they ought to be shown this video.

Florida’s Indian River County Sheriff’s Office released dashcam video on Friday of one so-called routine traffic stop that nearly turned deadly.

Sheriff’s Deputy Christopher Lester stopped 52-year-old Andrew Coffee for driving his scooter without a tag, according to the sheriff’s office.

“Don’t go reaching for anything,” Lester shouted while telling Coffee to place his hands on the vehicle.

Coffee hauled off and punched Lester in the face then grabbed a revolver out of his waistband and began shooting at Lester.

“As he knocked the deputy down and sucker punched him, he continued to stand over him and attempted to end his life,” Sheriff Deryl Loar told WPTV.

“It reminds us of the dangers that are faced everyday in law enforcement. It is a war on the streets and I’m sick of it,” he added.

Coffee is a convicted violent felon who was released from prison last year after being convicted for attempted murder in 1993 and was arrested again on drug charges Dec. 3 yet somehow he was able to get a gun, according to WPTV.

It’s almost as if a career criminal like Coffee won’t obey “common sense” gun laws.

WPTV reported a list of Coffee’s criminal history that reads as follows.

1987 – Convicted of Aggravated Assault
1988 – Convicted of Possession of Cocaine
1990 – Convicted of Battery
1992 – Convicted to Sale of Cocaine
1993 – Convicted of Attempted First Degree Murder with Firearm
11 total felony arrests
4 felony convictions
5 misdemeanor arrests
3 misdemeanor convictions

Lester was hit in the leg and is expected to make a full recovery, according to a statement from the sheriff’s office. He was released from the hospital.

Coffee, meanwhile, is undergoing surgery, the statement said.

Watch the encounter below.

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Carmine Sabia

Carmine Sabia

Carmine Sabia Jr started his own professional wrestling business at age 18 and went on to become a real estate investor. Currently he is a pundit who covers political news and current events.
Carmine Sabia


135 thoughts on “THIS is why cops can’t hesitate; guy sucker-punches cops, shoots him during ‘routine’ stop

  1. monacall says:

    If I were a nurse or doctor in that hospital I would be hard pressed to work on that guy that shot that police officer….

  2. Dan Theburg says:

    If Obama had a son ….BLM….. all that garbage. Only one thing fit for this animal….. a bullet right between the eyes.

  3. Kibber_SF says:

    Here in Ca they guy would NOT be on the streets with his record…but he was in…Florida! Go red!

    1. Insolvency says:

      Here we go with the red state blue state garbage. You should do a little research before making such a claim. California’s recidivism rate remains one of the nation’s highest at
      around 65%.

      1. Kibber_SF says:

        Recidivism rates are a funny fact since they don’t include stats on how many offenders are NOT on the street to re-offend. They only show those with priors who re-offend with ANY crime (misdemeanors included). With 11 felonies on his resume he would have been in jail (in Ca) long ago and not have numbers 4 thru 11. Here is a good article about real numbers:

        1. John Campbell says:

          Are you as insane as Los Angeles? Been there lately? Seen the wrap sheets every time they haul someone in? Sanctuary state for South American street gangs and the idiots just gave a whole bunch of them early release for alleged over crowding!

          1. Kibber_SF says:

            SoCal…red counties thru and thru…go figure with their lax judges…

          2. John Campbell says:

            Los Angeles???????????????????????????????

            COMMIE CENTRAL???????????????

        2. Insolvency says:

          I must disagree with you. Going back as recently as July should remind you how tough some cities in California are on crime. Kate Steinle would still be alive had Francisco Sanchez been detained until Federal Authorities were notified. While I agree this particular individual should have been incarcerated long go, perpetual criminal offenders is NOT a red state only issue.

    2. Andylit says:

      Wrong. His felonies were long before your 3 strikes law went into effect.

      1. Kibber_SF says:

        So when he committed his next crime after 1996, any crime, he would have been sentenced to 25 to life…and still been in prison! Do the math…

        1. John Campbell says:

          No doubt you’ve followed closely that early release for over crowding on every inmate turned out.

          1. Kibber_SF says:

            There are specific guidelines for release that do NOT include lifers…stop drinking the tea, it has waterlogged your brain.

          2. John Campbell says:

            Ya, the next one that murders and innocent woman walking on a pier with a stolen firearm will no doubt be a first time offender.

          3. Kibber_SF says:

            one? Just one example…good debate tactic..must be an “Alinsky” move!

          4. John Campbell says:

            Only you would know that. It’s your study.

        2. Andylit says:

          He just got out a year ago. Arrested and charged once, not yet convicted.

          Learn to read and take a course on simple logic while you’re at it.

          1. Kibber_SF says:

            So, as I said, if he had been convicted his next to last (one year ago) crime under 3 strikes he would NOT be free…thank you for agreeing!

          2. Andylit says:

            Nope. You said “when he committed his next crime”. Not a word about conviction.

            However, far more important is your initial comment. “…guy would NOT be on the streets with his record…”

            That is absolutely incorrect based on his timeline of convictions. As I pointed out earlier. You are just plain WRONG. Own it and move on.

          3. Kibber_SF says:

            Yes I was wrong…I did not say “convicted”

    3. John Campbell says:

      Here in California they are on the streets, in case you hadn’t noticed. What bubble are you living in?

      1. Kibber_SF says:

        I live in a real world and definitely not your fantasy one! Felons with 3 strikes or more are still in that FACT too hard to understand?

        1. John Campbell says:

          Worst state in the nation for sex offenders and and can now legally make excused for perverts to use the women’s bathrooms. Sure! You go for that.

          1. Kibber_SF says:

            The recidivism rate for sex offenders in Ca in under 10%…data is available from DOJ! Most new sex crimes are just that…NEW!!! victims, offenders…

          2. John Campbell says:

            We now grade sex offender crimes based in if the “victims” are new? What the heck are you smoking?

          3. Kibber_SF says:

            If you can’t read, analyze and understand statistical data perhaps you shouldn’t comment…it shows your true self.

          4. John Campbell says:

            Ya, those constant LAPD arrests and disgruntled cops for arresting these thugs over and over again for nothing in results is no doubt a figment of my imagination. Now doubt the home of Communist Party USA (CPUSA) is somehow a “Red” state thing too.

            Now I know you’re a dope smoker.

          5. Kibber_SF says:

            One city is not the “state”

          6. John Campbell says:

            How many MILLIONS in LA? LA is the largest of three population centers in the state.

          7. Kibber_SF says:

            3+…10% of the population…so what’s your point? That 10% defines a “majority” of 100%???

          8. John Campbell says:

            The overwhelming vast majority of all of the states woes come from Los Angeles County. From all manner of crime and illegal aliens on top of that. LA also accounts for most of the states law enforcement issues as well costing millions of dollars a year in laws suits. There’s a lot of problems in LA. The population is 10,116,705, that’s a closer to a 3rd of the states population.

        2. Melissa BossyBoots Votano says:

          I don’t know about California but here is Texas and most other states the 3 time rule applies to similar crimes. You can have a lot of felonies but if they aren’t the same crime. i.e., robbery, rape, etc they don’t enhance them up the ladder to a life sentence.

      2. @Kibber_SF:disqus is referring to the three strikes law. Other states may have a variant of it called a habitual offender law. Under CA law, his lates conviction would have placed Andrew Coffee in jail for 25 to life. Prior felonies do count…and the third strike in CA doesn’t have to be a felony.

        1. John Campbell says:

          Except now due to overcrowding the last strike for shoplifting puts them right back on the streets. Three strikes overridden by overcrowding.

          1. Those people are not being released.

  4. 1qaz says:

    Well, maybe the Judge, THIS TIME, will put this guy where he belongs, for life!

    1. Melissa BossyBoots Votano says:

      The courts really frown on assaulting police officers and if they wanted to they could charge the guy with attempted capital murder. That’ll keep him in for the rest of his life.

  5. bushtheliberator says:

    Liberal notion of parole/probation never gets blamed for the henious crimes that ensue.

    1. Well, unless there was clear dereliction of duty that occurred that, had it not occurred, would have prevented this from happening, one can only blame the criminal. Blaming anyone else (without clear evidence of wrongdoing) is scapegoating.

  6. wonduh says:

    What? A black man would do that? He should not have limped off; should have been dropped in his tracks. Another black thug who occupies air space. A four letter word comes to mind.

    1. Andylit says:

      Cop was shot in the leg but still managed to hit the perp at least once. I suspect he would have pursued and finished if he had been mobile.

  7. David says:

    To bad the black trash didn’t take one right between the eyes! Hope the officer recovers quickly!

  8. bobby1122 says:

    Boy Obama just keeps releasing more felons, ILLEGALS and “refugees” into our neighborhoods and wants legal gun owners to surrender their protection.

  9. tom2 says:

    The charlatan king says BLM but means ONLY BLM. Cretins like this desert jackal should never be allowed to take another breath.

  10. liberalssuck says:

    Oh look, obozo’s son.

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