THIS is why cops can’t hesitate; guy sucker-punches cops, shoots him during ‘routine’ stop

One of the drum beats of the anti-police movement in America is how cops “over-react” during “routine” traffic stops when a subject doesn’t obey commands.

The next time someone makes that argument they ought to be shown this video.

Florida’s Indian River County Sheriff’s Office released dashcam video on Friday of one so-called routine traffic stop that nearly turned deadly.

Sheriff’s Deputy Christopher Lester stopped 52-year-old Andrew Coffee for driving his scooter without a tag, according to the sheriff’s office.

“Don’t go reaching for anything,” Lester shouted while telling Coffee to place his hands on the vehicle.

Coffee hauled off and punched Lester in the face then grabbed a revolver out of his waistband and began shooting at Lester.

“As he knocked the deputy down and sucker punched him, he continued to stand over him and attempted to end his life,” Sheriff Deryl Loar told WPTV.

“It reminds us of the dangers that are faced everyday in law enforcement. It is a war on the streets and I’m sick of it,” he added.

Coffee is a convicted violent felon who was released from prison last year after being convicted for attempted murder in 1993 and was arrested again on drug charges Dec. 3 yet somehow he was able to get a gun, according to WPTV.

It’s almost as if a career criminal like Coffee won’t obey “common sense” gun laws.

WPTV reported a list of Coffee’s criminal history that reads as follows.

1987 – Convicted of Aggravated Assault
1988 – Convicted of Possession of Cocaine
1990 – Convicted of Battery
1992 – Convicted to Sale of Cocaine
1993 – Convicted of Attempted First Degree Murder with Firearm
11 total felony arrests
4 felony convictions
5 misdemeanor arrests
3 misdemeanor convictions

Lester was hit in the leg and is expected to make a full recovery, according to a statement from the sheriff’s office. He was released from the hospital.

Coffee, meanwhile, is undergoing surgery, the statement said.

Watch the encounter below.

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Carmine Sabia

Carmine Sabia

Carmine Sabia Jr started his own professional wrestling business at age 18 and went on to become a real estate investor. Currently he is a pundit who covers political news and current events.
Carmine Sabia


135 thoughts on “THIS is why cops can’t hesitate; guy sucker-punches cops, shoots him during ‘routine’ stop

  1. Lgbpop says:

    Surprise, surprise. He’s black. No wonder the BLM people haven’t said anything. Should have killed the bastard and saved society the trouble of supporting him for yet another 20 years.

    1. Well, what is there that could be said? Silence doesn’t mean that they condone this.

      1. Lgbpop says:

        It was sarcasm….usually, when there’s no witness or camera and it’s white cop vs. black perp, BLM is yelling bloody murder about “police brutality.” Probably would have been the case here, too, had there not been video of the encounter.

  2. Mad Dog says:

    Hey, Barry, got another sentence commutation for you.

  3. Feet2Fire says:

    Seems like a lot of unnecessary B.S. for everybody to go through, for a missing scooter tag! LOL.

    What’s Coffee’s surgery for? Gender reassignment?

  4. georgewrentmore says:

    OMG !! a coon responds ..take your banana and go away

  5. tbird90sc says:

    Anytime I see a black man respond like this to officers I know he is going to pull some BS. Soon as the guy turned around the officer should have backed up and drew his weapon.

  6. AnotherMan2 says:

    There is no anti-police “movement” except in the minds of lazy and under-trained police officers.

  7. Beeotchstewie says:

    Why am I not surprised it was yet another violent son of Barry?

  8. Xrism says:

    What you all just witnessed with your own eyes is the result of white people having privilege, the man who tried to kill another human being rather than get a fix it ticket is a victim of society. In fact, a black person, according to Democrats, have never commited a crime that wasn’t the result of oppression. All the white teenagers who knock elderly people out by punching them as hard as they can and all the white teenagers who flash mob shoplift stores or all the white teenagers who riot and destroy their own neighborhoods and make martyrs out of scum bag thugs that have done nothing but be menaces to society and destroy their fellow man all their life,…… Wait……those are all done by black teenagers. Oh, but for sure its because white people forced their mothers to sleep with low life scum bags that already had 5 kids with 5 different baby mamas. It has to be because of white people that those same kids didn’t grow up with dads that were in prison because white people forced their dads to deal crack to other black people, killing a few by overdose and destroying other black families in the process. PEOPLE LIKE THIS ARE A RESULT OF A COMMUNITY THAT BELIEVES A FAIRY TALE THAT THEY ARE BEING OPPRESSED. NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE UNTIL BLACK PEOPLE ACCEPT THAT ITS BLACK PEOPLE AND NOT WHITE PEOPLE THAT HAVE FAILED. Nobody should EVER have to self loathe so that a race of people feel more comfortable with their acceptance of the mediocre, of family breakdown and the acceptance and glamorization of “thug life”. No you’re not cool for having lil spanky’s 5th kid, you are a tramp, and if you’re name is Lil Spanky, you are a [email protected]#[email protected]$$. People keep accepting idiot number one having idiot number twos child and are OK with grandma raising idiot hoe and idiot thugs kid, don’t blame anybody but YOURSELVES. The rest of you who don’t label and shame these two as hoe and scum bag deserve the stereotypes. Don’t [email protected]#ch, because if you keep accepting mediocrity, sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity, you are the problem, you are what’s failing, and YOU ARE BEING JUDGED BY THE CONTENT OF YOUR COLLECTIVE CHARACTER AND YOU HAVE BAD CHARACTER. The only people who can change it is the people who know truthfully what’s causing the problem. The people telling you it’s someone else, are the same racists who want you to kill your babies, want you to deny your God and to keep you addicted. They’re the same people telling you it’s all whiteys fault. People need to go back and study MLK who was an amazing man but would be demonized by today’s liberal Democrats.

  9. Croid says:

    dayum…dat popo needa get himseff sum betta neqroe sensitivity trainin an get back on da range to practice shootin betta…..

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