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Obama cuts important end-of-year press conference with, ‘Ok everybody, I gotta get to ‘Star Wars”

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Fear not! President Obama is on top of the number one issue on the minds of most Americans.

Yes, he’s all over the Star Wars situation.

The clueless president ended his last press conference of 2015 by telling reporters who were still asking important questions that he had to go because he was going to catch Star Wars.

While “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is far and away the most popular movie in theaters today it is ridiculous that the President of the United States would brush off important questions and admit that he did so to see a movie. Taking it even further White House spokesman Jay Carney followed up that incident by appearing in front of the White House press corps flanked on either side by stormtroopers.

Then again, if any administration was going to be seen with the Evil Empire this is the right one.

But its still embarrassing.

Social media wasn’t impressed.

Carmine Sabia


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