Jewish mom cancels Christmas for school kids; angry parents fight back

Sartorette SchoolWhatever happened to just not participating?

A group of California parents, who have had enough of everyone having to suffer because one person is offended, took matters into their own hands, and their children out of school.

On Friday 20 – 30 children were pulled out of Sartorette Elementary School by their parents and taken on a trip to see Santa Claus after the school cancelled its annual field trip because one Jewish woman complained it was not inclusive, KNTV reported.

The trip, which the school has done for 10 years, traditionally included writing letters to Santa and sipping hot cocoa while sitting on Santa’s lap.

The angry mother, who wished to only be identified as Talia, wrote a four-page letter to the school committee in which she complained that public schools ought to keep the focus on all religions during the holidays and that the Santa trip was unfair to students who didn’t celebrate Christmas.

“This is not a Jewish issue for me. It’s an inclusion issue,” she told KNTV.

“We can’t spend five days on just one culture,” she added. “That’s fostering intolerance. When Christmas is given the same time, or less time, than American holidays, like Veterans Day, then kids don’t feel as American.”

Other parents saw her as a modern day Scrooge.

She said many of the parents unfriended her on Facebook and one even shouted “You’re the one who started the war on Christmas.”

“We had a person come in last week to my son’s class to speak about Hanukkah, and it would be like saying, ‘I don’t want you coming into the classroom because I don’t want my son around that, or learning about that,'” Vanessa Howe, the parent who led the protest, said.

Ernesto May, the owner of Big E Café where the annual event is held, also expressed disappointment.

“I can’t get rid of Santa. It’s an unfortunate situation. Last year, we had 160 children come by to decorate the place, drop letters off to Santa and families donated toys,” he told KNTV.

“What are they going to cancel next? I know she means well, but we can’t shield our children from everything. When is it going to stop?”

Never as long as people keep caving in.

Watch the report below.

Carmine Sabia


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