Amused FLOTUS gets blasted: Video of Marine opening door for R2-D2 is disrespectful

The Obama administration will never be accused of holding military personnel is high regard but this was a slap in the face, according to some.

On Saturday Michelle Obama tweeted a video of “Star Wars” character R2-D2‘s arrival at the White House and the video had people up in arms.

Not because the White House has apparently become a promotional machine for Hollywood’s latest blockbuster but because a U.S. Marine had to hold the door open for the character. This on the same day the president ended a press conference by declaring he couldn’t take anymore questions because he had to see the movie. It’s tough to imagine something more disrespectful than having a Marine who puts his life on the line for his fellow citizens being made to play doorman to a make-believe character

Carmine Sabia


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