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No ‘safe space’ required; Van Susteren proves she’s CLASS ACT covering SNL spoof

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Fox News host Greta Van Susteren proved Wednesday that in addition to being smart, she can take a joke — even when she’s the butt of it.

“If you think you watched a special Saturday edition of ‘On The Record,’ you were on the wrong network!” she began.

She was referring to Kate McKinnon’s impression of her on “Saturday Night Live,” in which she interviewed other SNL cast members posing as Republican presidential candidates Sen. Ted Cruz, Dr. Ben Carson and Gov. Chris Christie.

“SNL’s” Kate McKinnon impression of me gets my stamp of approval,” she said, after playing a clip of the segment. “Love her wardrobe too, don’t you? Yes, I do flick around the pen. We all need to be able to laugh at ourselves.”

In addition to flicking her pen around, McKinnon exaggerated some of Van Susteren’s facial expressions while speaking.

This is due to a stroke she had at age 42, which left her with limited use of her left side.

Imagine if Van Susteren were a liberal MSNBC host. McKinnon and “SNL” would have both been excoriated.

But because this is Fox News, it’s OK, and Van Susteren was able to laugh at herself.

Watch her “Off The Record” statement via Fox News.

She even tweeted her approval.

Here’s the full “SNL” skit, via “On The Record,”


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