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Cruz: Enough with ‘pampered teens’ on college campus, including alma mater

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Sen. Ted Cruz blasted college students at many campuses for their obsession with political correctness, focusing on his own alma mater, Princeton University.

Calling out the “pampered teens” who have been protesting on campuses recently, the Republican presidential candidate, in a podcast of “The Adam Corolla Show” that aired Thursday, cautioned against raising a generation of teens who have never been offended.

“The best cure for bad speech is more speech,” Cruz said.  “And we shouldn’t be raising a generation of young people that are so pampered that they never have heard anything that offends them. Well, we don’t have a right not to be offended. We have a moral obligation to speak the truth and to confront evil.”

“There are many on the left who I think are weakening this country,” said Cruz. ” You see at universities these essentially pampered teenagers, many of them from very wealthy homes, who complain that they don’t want to hear anything that they disagree with, that it is a micro-aggression, and it is the most bizarre and anti-academic notion that you can have.”

At Princeton, the Texas senator’s alma mater, students have been pushing to erase any mention of former Princeton president and president of the United States Woodrow Wilson, claiming he was a racist. Though Cruz admitted he was not a fan of Wilson’s, he argued that the protests were part of a larger effort to rewrite history.

“Listen, was Woodrow Wilson an unabashed racist? Yes. Should we talk about that? Should we condemn it? Yes,” Cruz said. “But we shouldn’t be engaged in this bizarre process of erasing our history because it offends our ears. And I think this is something that the media pushes but I do think that the American people are fed up with. There is a reservoir of common sense that realizes this is dumb.”

Cruz further pointed out the irony in the liberal students’ attacks on Wilson, a “big government progressive liberal Democrat,” in their pursuit of political correctness.

“I am not a fan of Woodrow Wilson,” said Cruz. “I think he did a lot of damage to this country, and it is more than ironic that the protesters are going after leftist big government liberals.”

Frieda Powers


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