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Trump has ‘yuge’ laugh over Jimmy Kimmel’s mock Dr. Seuss story

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If there was ever any doubt, Donald Trump just proved he can take a joke during a hilarious spot on the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” show.

The Kimmel staff must have been very busy in anticipation of Trump’s appearance, because by the time the GOP presidential front runner arrived Wednesday night, Kimmel was waiting for him with a mock Dr. Seuss book dedicated to all things Trump.

Kimmel read from “Winners Aren’t’ Losers” while Trump seemingly ate it up. The book was filled with rhyming analogies taking on numerous “Trumpisms,” including jumping frogs that reflect Trump’s immigration stance.

“Now here are some frogs I do not like at all. We must kick these frogs out, and then build a wall!”

Trump on kimmel frogs
ABC screenshot.

The story even brought up an old tiff with Senator John McCain when Trump criticized the former P.O.W. for being captured.

“This lobster’s a loser. Throw him in the pot! I like a loser who doesn’t get caught!” the book read.

trump kimmel 3
ABC screenshot.

Time has proved Trump’s staying power to be resilient enough to survive verbally attacking a former P.O.W., and the fact that the reference in the book got laughs is testimony to the media magnate’s appeal.

But perhaps Trump’s biggest overall appeal is his love of winning and unapologetic success – a topic “Winners Aren’t Losers” was built upon.

“Winners do deals and winners get rich! While sad little losers just sit there and bitch!” the book states.

trump on kimmel
ABC screenshot.

Trump laughed, and didn’t argue with the concept. In fact he seemed especially pleased with the ending…

“Oh the buildings you’ll build, oh the wealth you’ll amass. All the people around you all kissing your ass…

“There are two kind of people, which one will you be? A loser like them?

“Or a winner like me.”

Time will tell if Trump will try and buy the rights to the clever book and sell if for ‘yuge’ profit.


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