Quentin Tarantino accuses Disney execs of ‘extortion’: ‘They’re going out of their way to f**k me’

Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino blasted Disney Productions Wednesday, claiming that the media giant was sabotaging the director’s latest project, “Hateful Eight.”

Tarantino told talk radio host Howard Stern that he’d signed a contract with ArcLight Cinemas to host the Los Angeles premiere of the film at the Cinerama Dome to run for two weeks beginning Christmas day.

But Disney executives allegedly stepped in and demanded that the new “Star Wars” motion picture extend through the holiday season. According to Tarantino, if ArcLight didn’t comply, Disney threatened to not allow ArcLight to show “Star Wars” at any of its theaters.

“It was real bad news and it f***ing pissed me off,” Tarantino said. “They have the biggest movie in the world. We’re talking about one theater. They are going out of their way to f*** me.”

Tarantino said Disney’s action was “vindictive, it’s mean, and it’s extortion.” He also said that his previous films generated profits for Disney subsidiaries.

“I made a lot of money for the Disney corporation,” Tarantino added. “They don’t need to be this vindictive… They literally threatened the [theater].”

Listen to the audio, via “The Howard Stern” show. Story continues after audio clip.
WARNING: Strong language.

One Twitter user questioned Tarantino’s decision to run his film opposite a blockbuster like “Star Wars.”

Most people sided with Disney on this one.

The last group Tarantino was miffed at were law enforcement officers, and he referred to them as “murders” in New York City, mere days after a black NYPD officer was shot and killed.

A real class act, Tarantino.

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7 thoughts on “Quentin Tarantino accuses Disney execs of ‘extortion’: ‘They’re going out of their way to f**k me’

  1. tsigili says:

    Tarantino has become toxic……….no one wants to touch him.

  2. Generic Engineer says:

    Hey QT, got a problem? Call the cops.

  3. AbbyRhodes says:

    Tarantino never said anyone was a “murder” as this article states. He has a better grasp of English than that. If you are going to quote someone, use the correct words.

    1. Sons of Liberty says:

      Why? Liberal journalists only use the parts of the news they want us to hear and often omit the most important parts.

      So, let’s do like they do.

  4. Dennis Crabtree says:

    I saw the trailor on TV and tried to count the number of guns and gun reated references but lost count at 22 in just a 30 second commercial. For an anti 2nd amendment nut he sure doesn’t mind baseing his movie around them. I guess if guns make him money from his movies they’re ok if just he has them. Typical liberal elite who believes he is above the American public. All he wants is their money, otherwise they are too stupid to make decisions about their personal protection and freedoms.

  5. Sons of Liberty says:

    Quinty is such an arse. His movies stink.

  6. Letitbe says:

    That’s what happens when you advocate killings police officers! Hope he goes broke.

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