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Obama will drop by San Bernardino for photo op on his way to Hawaiian vacation

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In what comes across as an assault on the sensibilities of a community in mourning, the White House announced that President Obama will literally drop in on San Bernardino Friday en route to Hawaii for his annual Christmas vacation.

While not quite rising to the level of former President George W. Bush’s infamous flyover of New Orleans in Hurricane Katrina’s immediate aftermath, for which he was all but crucified for in the press, Obama’s planned “pit stop” seems even more egregious.

But then, secure in the knowledge that an adoring media has his back, this is a president unconcerned with optics.

Two weeks after a terrorist attack claimed the lives of 14 people, an attack his administration attempted to characterize as “gun violence,” Obama will visit privately with families of victims, NBC News reported — which means no viral shot of the president singing “Amazing Grace,” as was the case in Charleston, S.C.

The chutzpah behind Obama’s last minute decision wasn’t lost on social media users, here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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