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Michael Moore’s ‘We are all Muslim’ sign made Miss Puerto Rico hot!

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News of Michael Moore’s latest stunt holding a sign in front of Trump Tower made it all the way to Miss Puerto Rico, and let’s just say, she wasn’t happy about it.

Moore’s sign read “We are all Muslims,” but beauty queen, Destiny Velez, doesn’t see it that way – not by a long shot. The documentarian’s antics earned him an epic Twitter beatdown as noted by Twitchy.com. Update: Tweets have all been removed from Velez’s page. 

Economics is a topic Moore seems to be good at since he’s been able to use the capitalist system he publicly admonishes to rake in mounds of cash. He’s also good at making a spectacle of himself.

It’s a rarity these days for anyone right to Stalin to speak their minds. Hopefully Velez gets to keep her title.


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