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Greta in rare form as she calls Freddie Gray family attorney out on a whole load of BS

freddie gray
Fox News screenshot.

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A civil attorney representing Freddie Gray’s family tried to put on a brave face after Wednesday’s hung jury verdict, but Greta Van Susteren wasn’t buying it.

Mainstream media exploded when news that the anticipated case against Baltimore Police Officer William Porter who was charged for participating in the death of Freddie Gray resulted in a mistrial.

Gray’s family attorney, Billy Murphy, told Greta Van Susteren he was encouraged by the fact that at least some of the jurors wanted Porter convicted. He said he felt confident that Porter will be convicted in a future trial.

Van Susteren immediately countered.

“I would be very worried if I were the prosecutor tonight, having gotten a deadlocked jury.” Van Susteren started.

“I’d feel pretty rotten. The defense probably feels pretty good tonight.”

Murphy maintained a future jury will likely side with Freddie Gray’s family, and brought up Van Susteren’s law experience to coax her to agree.

She didn’t.

Instead, Van Susteren maintained out of her 12 years’ experience in the D.C. courtroom a “deadlocked jury and a mistrial” means “a loss for the prosecution.”

“And there’s no one who claims that’s a win for the prosecution,” Van Susteren said.

Murphy tried foolishly to muddy the waters by saying nobody really knows how 12 new jurors will react, and said he welcomes starting with a “clean slate.”

This only irritated Van Susteren further.

“Billy, be honest about this,” she laughed. “The prosecution said they had the evidence to go forward, that they had evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. They just got hit in the head with a deadlocked verdict.”

“Are you kidding?” she said. “That in no way is a win for the prosecution.”

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