Funny family Christmas photo gets outrageous backlash; what do you think?

In the age of political correctness, America has clearly lost its sense of humor.

Social media users lost their minds over a family Christmas photo posted on Facebook by a Louisiana photographer.

The problem?

The photo depicts a family of five, with the female members — the mom and two daughters — seen with green duct tape across their mouths and their hands bound with Christmas lights. The father is holding a sign that reads, “Peace on Earth,” while a little brother looking on approvingly gives a thumbs up.

In jest, of course.

But social justice warriors were having none of it, insisting the photo was sexist and promoted violence against women, according to Inside Edition:

The reaction was so intense that the photographer, Hanna Hawkes, was forced to remove the photo and defend the decision to take it, saying in a Facebook post it was “taken by request by the family, and was in no way meant to promote abuse.”

She also proved that she hasn’t lost her sense of humor over the trumped up “controversy.”

“After being silent, now isn’t that ironic, I would like to speak!” she wrote. “I have been called every name in the book, and have received some very hateful and vulgar comments and messages.”

“I would like to say that as a female I do NOT and have never promoted violence to women!” she added. “I do not support abuse, or the degradation of women. This photo was taken with humor in mind, and was meant as a comical Christmas photo.”

She then cast political correctness aside, daring to sign off by wishing all “a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and MAY GOD BLESS you and yours!”

After being silent, now isn’t that ironic, I would like to speak! I have been called every name in the book, and have…

Posted by Hannah Hawkes Photography on Monday, December 14, 2015

Tom Tillison


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