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Dana Loesch rips ‘godless left’ like never before: ‘You sicken me’

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In rare form, BlazeTV host Dana Loesch unleashed on the “godless left” for its push for gun control in the wake of the San Bernardino terrorist attack that claimed the lives of 14 people, and the rush to blame the NRA for that attack.

Referring to this faction as “dry-humping whores,” the conservative radio talk show host was in no mood to mince her words.

“If you have a problem with being called the godless left, maybe don’t be the godless left,” Loesch said on Tuesday’s program. “You had the New York Daily News, you had elected officials and you had journalists mocking people who were simply asking for prayers. Mocking them.”

“Here’s an idea, how about you guys stop letting terrorists in,” she added.

Loesch wasn’t about to give the left a pass for the “politically correct” policy that prevented immigration officials from reviewing social media activity of San Bernardino jihadi bride Tashfeen Malik, who came to the U.S. on a K-1 visa, also known as the fiance visa — a policy upheld by Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson.

“You all have blood on your hands right now,” she said.

And the racial implications in the left’s attacks on NRA President Wayne LaPierre, an “older white guy,” while supporting Johnson was not lost on Loesch.

Saying she has “had enough with the attacks on the NRA” while the Obama administration fails to take the necessary steps to protect Americans, Loesch ripped those forever seeking to undermine the ability of Americans to protect themselves.

“I have a major problem with all these tragedy dry-humping whores,” she said. “I do have a problem with them, and I’m not watching my language because it’s about time somebody calls you out for what you are.”

“You sicken me,” she concluded.

Tom Tillison


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