Paul Ryan won’t fund US border fence but has one around his house

Protection for me but not for thee. That seems to be the philosophy of Speaker of the House Paul Ryan regarding border security. Ryan rallied support from […]

Former NFL player who refused to meet Obama headlines ‘March for Life’

Former Balti Ravens offensive man Matt Birk will head the 2016 March for Life. Theannual event, which is routinely ignored by most media outlets, takes place in […]

Metal worker debunks 9/11 truthers’ claims — in two minutes flat

A metal worker got so “sick and tired” of the 9/11 conspiracy theorists’ argument that jet fuel doesn’t burn at a high enough temperature to melt steel […]

Students protest campus carry because ‘it’s a threat to LGBT, people of color’

Students at the University of Kansas are protesting campus carry after hundreds of students and faculty attended a forum last Tuesday to discuss a change in Kansas law that will allow guns on campus.

Funny family Christmas photo gets outrageous backlash; what do you think?

In the age of political correctness, America has clearly lost its sense of humor. Social media users lost their minds over a family Christmas photo posted on […]

Fiorina slams ‘major surrogate of Ted Cruz’ for saying she went ‘full vag***’ at debate

Ultimately, winning the hearts, minds and votes of conservatives is not going to happen by acting like Hillary Clinton. Yet, that’s exactly what some people claim Republican […]

Shocking video: Yale University students signed petition to scrap First Amendment

In shocking hidden camera video, multiple Yale University students signed a petition to scrap the First Amendment.

Michael Moore’s ‘We are all Muslim’ sign made Miss Puerto Rico hot!

News of Michael Moore’s latest stunt holding a sign in front of Trump Tower made it all the way to Miss Puerto Rico, and let’s just say, […]

Jenna Jameson’s understandable response to Congress’ plan of $1.6B to fund illegals

Congress is likely to approve a measure that would provide than $1.6 billion in funding to resettle refugees and illegal immigrants through the year 2018. Even […]

Trump has ‘yuge’ laugh over Jimmy Kimmel’s mock Dr. Seuss story

If there was ever any doubt, Donald Trump just proved he can take a jeduring ahilariousspoton the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” show. The Kimmel staff must have been […]

Putin gushes over Trump

Russian President Vladimir Putin praised Republican presidential contender Donald Trump Thursday in Moscow, calling the real estate tycoon “talented” and “outstanding,” the French news agency Agence France-Presse […]

Quentin Tarantino accuses Disney execs of ‘extortion’: ‘They’re going out of their way to f**k me’

Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino blasted Disney Productions Wednesday, claiming that the media giant was sabotaging the director’s latest project, “Hateful Eight.” Tarantino told talk radio host Howard Stern […]