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Post-debate chatter all about one candidate’s ‘flipper hands’

Image: CNN

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Tuesday night’s Republican presidential debate shaped up to be perhaps the best appearance by the candidates so far.  They were focused on the issues while managing to avoid many of the petty bickering in previous debates.

But there were stark differences between the candidates, and several dustups over policy in fighting terror, immigration, and other important issues.

Surprisingly, the most online chatter came from an unexpected topic: John Kasich‘s “flipper hands.”  The man simply couldn’t control them all night, to the horror (and perverse delight) of the online world.

But who won?

Pundits and commentators who live-tweeted the event weighed in with their thoughts.


Did it come down to just Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio?

Who do you think won?  Take the BPR poll.




Candidates attack Donald Trump at their own peril.

Except Cruz.

Jeb Bush tried, but it’s pretty clear most feel he’s beyond recovery.


Ben Carson may have seen his better days according to the pundits.


Carly who?

Frank Luntz’s focus group saw many people switch their allegiances, with Chris Christie picking up a significant number.

And yes, the most talked about subject of the night was Kasich’s chopping hands. The Ohio governor probably won’t be the Republican nominee, but his hands will live on forever.




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