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Herpes-infected black Dairy Queen worker caught on camera spitting on cop’s burger

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In its full embrace of the Black Lives Matter movement, the left continues to deny there is an ongoing war on police, but a reprehensible incident in Louisiana proves members of law enforcement have to watch their backs at every moment when in the public arena.

A black fast-food worker was caught on camera allegedly spitting on a Baton Rouge police lieutenant’s burger, The Advocate reported Monday.

As disgusting as that is, it gets worse … the low-life admitted that he’s suffering from herpes.

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According to the Baton Rouge Police Department, Dairy Queen employee Elijah Johnson was arrested Sunday and charged with mingling harmful substances, among other charges.

Thankfully, the unidentified officer was alert and noticed what looked like spit on the top of his burger.

Baton Rouge Police spokesman Cpl. Don Coppola told The Advocate that the employee can be seen on surveillance video walking off to the side with a bun in his hand, which he then brought up to his mouth, before returning to finish making the burger.

Coppola said the substance that appeared to be saliva is being tested to see if it matches Johnson’s DNA.

WFAB reported that a company spokesman said Johnson was “immediately terminated.”

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