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ESPN investigates new NFL ‘sticky gloves’ after one-handed catches skyrocket

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One Handed CatchThe NFL has seen more than it’s share of incredible one-handed catches recently but is the reason more than just athletic skill?

ESPN’s Rick Reilly went to Miami to investigate the gloves used by NFL receivers to see if there was an unfair advantage and what he discovered was incredible.

“It’s not miracles, it’s manufacturing,” Reilly said from an NFL equipment room where the “stickier than a frog’s tongue” sticky gloves are stored.

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Jardis Landry sang the praises of the gloves to Reilly telling him the ball “just sticks” but added that they weren’t unfair and only an “accessory.”

That theory was put to the test by Reilly who equipped all kinds of people young, old, male, female and a high school football team with the gloves to see what would happen.

To a person the people, including Reilly himself, were able to catch the ball one handed.

Watch below to see the entire expose.

Carmine Sabia


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