Chris Matthews snaps when he’s asked about his leg

Chris Matthews‘ fan-like assessment of then-presidential candidate Barack Obama sending a “thrill up his leg” was a perennial moment he’ll likely never live down and the MSNBC host is seemingly tired of hearing about.

Prior to Tuesday’s CNN Republican debate, Matthews was approached by Media Research Center’s Dan Joseph, who inquired on the status of said leg — Joseph serves as the conservative group’s “man on the street,” covering protest rallies and interviewing news-makers.

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“I’m with the Media Research Center, we just want to know; how is your leg?” Joseph asked.

An annoyed Matthews didn’t catch on at first, asking: “What leg?”

But as Joseph began to spell it out, the light bulb suddenly clicked and Matthews was not amused.

“Just go to hell. Just leave me alone,” he said, literally shoving Joseph away before telling him he has “psychological problems.”

A must see moment for those who long ago tired of the MSNBC host’s blatant bias in the political arena.

The reaction on social media was almost as entertaining, here’s a quick sampling from Twitter:

Tom Tillison


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