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Report: Refugee cell phones in Norway reveal shocking, terror related images

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Norwegian officials found something alarming on the phones of some of the refugees arriving from Syria and Iraq — disturbing videos and images apparently originating from Islamic State terrorists.

The images include severed heads and limbs, as well as videos of executions, according to Nettavisen, an online newspaper which is, as of 2015, the second most visited news website in Norway.

Norwegian officials also found photos of victims of terror, including dead children, as well as flags, symbols and individuals associated with terrorist organizations, including the Islamic State.

Erik Haugland, chief of the unit with responsibility for processing the refugees said there may be reasons other than the obvious for those seeking asylum possessing the images.

“What looks alarmingly out, may have other explanations than support for terrorist organizations,” he told Nettavisen.

Because of the vast influx of refugees seeking asylum, Norwegian officials have experienced problems adequately vetting them. Norway is even offering free airfare and cash payments to refugees to get them to return to their country of origin.

The risks posed from difficulties in properly vetting refugees led Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to call for a temporary halt in accepting Muslim asylum-seekers.

Sen. Ted Cruz, another GOP presidential contender, submitted legislation that would allow individual states to opt out of accepting refugees from Syria.

Senior Obama administration officials have warned that screening Syrian refugees would be challenging, and last month, the House passed a measure calling for more stringent vetting procedures.

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