Protests, conflict, controversy IGNITE Vegas rally; Trump’s advice, ‘go home and relax’

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Donald Trump sailed into Las Vegas Monday where he held a pre-debate rally, urging his lower-polling rivals to “go home and relax.”  But the liberal press turned the story into something much more sinister.

Liberal MSNBC reporter Benjy Sarlin reported that while security ejected several protesters who tried to disrupt the rally, he heard a Trump supporter yell a Nazi salute—although it’s unclear who actually said it.

Of course, NBC obediently reported Sarlin’s allegations, using the most incendiary headline. “Seig Heil” can be heard on the video but it’s unclear who uttered it, and almost certain that Trump never heard the words.

Although the billionaire is—naturally—staying at the Trump International, the rally was held at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino, because the campaign was “expecting a much larger crowd than the event space at Trump can accommodate,” a spokeswoman told The Daily Caller.

The crowd was overwhelmingly supportive and friendly to the GOP frontrunner, but protesters still marred the event.  Black Lives Matter demonstrators were shouted down by chants of “Trump, Trump!” as the unruly guests were escorted out by security and Secret Service agents.

One rally attendee can be heard yelling “light the motherf****er on fire” in this video captured by McKay Coppins, a political writer for Buzzfeed.  Coppins denied that its his voice on the video.

Speaking of his fellow Republican candidates, who will meet on stage Tuesday evening for what could be a contentious debate, Trump said, “A couple have left, a lot are gonna start leaving … it’s so many people … and many of them don’t have a chance … you say, what are you doing?”

His advice to the low-polling candidates: “Just go home and relax. Go home and relax.”

Trump will face off against rivals Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, along with Ben Carson and five others Tuesday evening.

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