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Patriotic yearbook picture honoring teen’s hard work rejected by school, but the reason might surprise you

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Morgan TruaxA Massachusetts teen and her family are livid after the teen’s high school rejected yearbook photo featuring an American flag backdrop.

High school senior Morgan Truax‘s boss at the Red Wing Diner, Liam Murphy, took the photo of her to appear as a full page ad in the yearbook to recognize her hard work. WFXT reported.

“I wanted to honor Morgan in the yearbook and we took out a page to say congrats for all the hard work,” he told WFXT.

The Foxborough High however, found the photo “disrespectful” as they said it showed the girl stepping on the flag.

“The photo showed the United States flag hanging on a wall with the lower portion lying on the floor and the student standing on the flag. We do not view standing on the US Flag as respectful or appropriate,” it said in a statement in WFXT.

Truax’s mother disagreed with the decision, according to WFXT.

“The photo is very tastefully done and very patriotic,” she said.

She did say they were willing to acquiesce and crop out Morgan’s feet but have not heard back from the school to see if that solution is acceptable.

Watch the report below.

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