‘Losers!’ Wasserman Schultz wants $20 million from taxpayers; broke Dem Party can’t afford convention

The Democratic National Committee, which was reported last month to be wallowing in debt, is seeking the approximate $20 million it needs for its 2016 national convention.

DNC Chair and Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz has drafted a bill to use taxpayer funds to help both parties pay for their conventions.

The Washington Times reported:

The Congressional Budget Office revealed the move in a letter released Friday, which said Ms. Wasserman Schultz’s proposal to tap a presidential campaign fund would likely mean each party could get about $20 million in taxpayer money to help with costs.

The DNC is facing tough financial circumstances. The latest report shows it had just $4.7 million in cash on hand as of Oct. 31, less than the $6.9 million in debts the committee reported. By contrast, the Republican National Committee reported $20.4 million in cash, offset by $1.9 million in debts.


The Republican National Committee, on the other hand, said it neither needs nor wants to use taxpayer funds in this way.

“We support no taxpayer funding as long as there’s an alternate way for us to raise the funds to mount a successful convention,” RNC spokeswoman Allison Moore said in an email.

The Democratic Chairwoman’s woes was the subject on “Fox & Friends” Monday — as well as social media.

“What does that say about the party?” Steve Doocy asked.

“If you run the DNC and you have no money, you’ve done a bad job,” said Brian Kilmeade.

Watch the clip via Fox News.

People on social media had no sympathy for the Democratic Party or Wasserman Schultz.

Last year Congress approved a measure that nixed the use of taxpayer funds to finance national presidential conventions. Wasserman Schultz’s proposal seeks to reverse that.


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