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INSANITY! Political pundit suggests diplomatic recognition for ISIS as ‘bona fide state’

Source: International Business Times

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Insanity has broken out in the U.K., as one newspaper gave voice to an unthinkable idea—giving the Islamic State diplomatic recognition.

On Tuesday, The Independent published Russian foreign policy blogger Vadim Nikitin’s opinion that “ISIS has already lived up to its name, whether we like it or not.”

Citing leaked ISIS documents including a “24-page statecraft blueprint,” Nikitin argued that “Only by recognising and treating ISIS as a bona fide state can we hope to understand its workings and motivations and, ultimately, contain its murderous advance across the region.”

Right. Of course! Why has nobody thought of that yet—that we should seek to understand the motivations of people who behead Christians, drown or set afire suspected “spies,” and throw gays off buildings.

Nikitin compared ISIS to the Bolsheviks in Russia and other “pariahs,” urging widespread diplomatic recognition in the hope that the radical Islamists would shift their policy from “ideological zealotry to greater pragmatism and accommodation” with its neighbors.

“ISIS exists, and wishful thinking cannot will it away,” he concludes.

Wishful thinking—even President Obama has moved beyond that—is not what Americans have in mind.



Twitter users were quick to tell what they thought of Nikitin’s idea.



Steve Berman


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