Indiana school finds BRILLIANT way around judge’s order banning nativity scene

Concord High SchoolThe war on Christmas has seen no ceasefire in 2015.

An Indiana school found a way around a judge’s ruling banning a live Nativity scene from its annual “Christmas Spectacular” after the Freedom From Religion Foundation and the American Civil Liberties Union sued, the New York Post reported.

The groups sued on behalf of a student and father who argued that Concord High School annual live nativity scene was an endorsement of religion.

U.S. District Judge Jon DeGuilio agreed and issued a temporary injunction that barred the live scene, according to the Post.

“The living Nativity scene impermissibly conveys an endorsement of religion and thus runs afoul of the Establishment Clause,” DeGuilio ruled.

Thinking on its feet the school improvised and raised the curtain on its annual Christmas show Saturday with a nativity scene made with mannequins to rabid applause.

Concord Community Schools Superintendent John Trout issued a statement citing the judge’s ruling to show the school was in compliance.

“The injunction is a preliminary ruling and applies only to this year’s Christmas Spectacular performance,” he said. “For 2015, the court ordered that the School not present a live Nativity scene. That is, live performers cannot perform the Nativity scene in this year’s Spectacular, and Concord Community Schools will comply with that order.”

In addition to Christmas songs the show included songs for both Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. “How much more politically correct do they want it?”

Carmine Sabia


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