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‘Hands up, don’t shoot’ one of 2015’s top lies; even the Left can’t deny

Image: MSNBC

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Even the liberal-leaning Washington Post’s own fact checker couldn’t deny “hands up, don’t shoot” was one of the biggest lies of 2015.

Normally, the fact checker occupies itself with shooting down Republicans’ remarks, especially those made by candidates: To wit, statements by Donald Trump occupied fully one quarter of the list.

But try as they could to bury race-baiting at the bottom of their list (which was “in no particular order”), the newspaper had to acknowledge the most debunked yet persistent incendiary phrase of the year.

In the Washington Post fact checker’s own words:

This phrase became a rallying cry for protests after the fatal shooting of a black 18-year-old by a white police officer, Darren Wilson. Witness accounts spread after the shooting that Michael Brown had his hands raised in surrender, mouthing the words “Don’t shoot” as his last words before being shot execution-style. Democratic lawmakers raised their hands in solidarity on the House floor. But various investigations concluded this did not happen — and that Wilson acted out of self-defense and was justified in killing Brown.


In March, after investigations by President Obama’s Department of Justice, a grand jury’s decision not to charge officer Darren Wilson, and endless coverage in the press, the fact checker gave “hands up, don’t shoot” the maximum score for blatant falsehood: Four Pinocchios.

The only thing more embarrassing than the spectacle of Democratic legislators fully buying into this divisive, race-baiting lie, is the mainstream media believing it still has the public’s trust to present the facts uncolored by political bias.




Steve Berman


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