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Megyn Kelly gets to bottom of CAIR’s interest in San Bernardino terrorists’ baby

Why is the Council on American-Islamic Relations so interested in what happens to the baby of Syed Faro and Tashfeen Malik, the San Bernardino terrorists who were […]

Muslim Mike Tyson’s support for Trump UNWAVERING; ‘he deserves a chance’

Former heavyweight bo champion “Iron Mike” Tyson said he still supports Republican presidential challenger Donald Trump even after proposing a temporary ban on Muslim immigration. Tyson is […]

Report: Refugee cell phones in Norway reveal shocking, terror related images

Norwegian officials found something alarming on the phones of some of the refugees arriving from Syria and Iraq — disturbing videos and images apparently originating from Islamic […]

Deranged middle-aged man living as 6-year-old girl has even gay and trans people crying foul

How far will society accept this trans craze? There’s been transgender, transracial and even transdisability and now, it seems, there is transage. Paul Wolscht, 52, was married […]

‘Sons of Guns’ reality star receives death threat from anti-gun activist; ‘I’d shoot you’re a** off’

Glenn Fleming, a Louisiana gunsmith and reality star on the former Discovery Channel series “Sons of Guns” was threatened to be murdered because of his work. Deborah […]

Protests, conflict, controversy IGNITE Vegas rally; Trump’s advice, ‘go home and relax’

Donald Trump sailed into Las Vegas Monday where he held a pre-debate rally, urging his lower-polling rivals to “go home and relax.” But the liberal press turned […]

BizPac Review
Quasi-commie de Blasio’s NYC a total mess; subway sex-crime hotbed, homeless ‘taken over’ LaGuardia

What happens when a quasi-Communist runs a city? Decades of hard work cleaning it up fall to the wayside, and it begins to become a cesspool of […]

Watch MSNBC’s Matthews spout off; OFFENDED Chris Christie called ISIS ‘animals’

MSNBC “Hardball” host Chris Matthews was offended that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie referred Islamic State terrorists as “animals.” “Republicans now say it’s ay to hate Muslims,” […]

INSANITY! Political pundit suggests diplomatic recognition for ISIS as ‘bona fide state’

Insanity has bren out in the U.K., as one newspaper gave voice to an unthinkable idea—giving the Islamic State diplomatic recognition. On Tuesday, The Independent published Russian […]

Indiana school finds BRILLIANT way around judge’s order banning nativity scene

The war on Christmas has seen no ceasefire in 2015. An Indiana school found a way around a judge’s ruling banning a live Nativity scene from its […]

Breaking: FBI called as credible terror threat shuts down Los Angeles school system; students, faculty evacuated

All Los Angeles county schools have been closed Tuesday over what is being described as a credible terror threat. Details of the threat have not been d […]