Video: Woman fights mammoth cop at DMV, starting with nasty kick to groin

It was an exciting day at the DMV! (Bet you’ve never heard anyone say that before).

A Florida woman, Eleanor Stern, 31, caused such a scene at the Deerfield Beach Department of Motor Vehicles that a trooper had to step in to try to subdue her.

To everyone’s surprise, she immediately began swinging.

Despite the mammoth size of the guy,  Stern put up a hell of a fight, beginning with a swift kick to the groin.

Stern was arrested and charged with resisting arrest without violence and was released on $1,000 bails, according to WPLG.

Watch the mind boggling clip below.

What I witnessed @ the Deerfield Beach DMV..

Posted by Victoria Nascimento on Friday, December 11, 2015

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