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If you didn’t like Lindsey Graham before, you will really dislike him now!

Donald Trump - Lindsey Graham
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Is it possible Republican presidential candidate Lindsey Graham believes if he insults the “irrational” GOP base that it will instill life in his otherwise comatose campaign?

Or are the South Carolina senator’s recent remarks an unintended tip of the hand that he’s in the race for a whole other reason that doesn’t involve winning?

In an effort to besmirch front-runner Donald Trump, Graham dismissed his rival’s success in the polls by saying it’s because almost half of GOP primary voters believe President Obama is a Kenyan-born Muslim, The Hill reported.

“Well there’s about 40 percent of the Republican primary voter who believes that Obama was born in Kenya and is a Muslim,” he said Friday in a radio interview, according to BuzzFeed News.

Graham was critical of Trump in September for not correcting a voter who claimed Obama was a Muslim.

“Mr. Trump in many ways is responsible for this, by creating this idea that maybe Obama was born in Kenya, not Hawaii,” he said at the time.

A survey taken in September by Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling showed 66 percent of Trump’s supporters think the president is a Muslim.

Graham went on bemoan the “dislike” for Obama in his party in the interview with Boston Herald Radio.

“There’s just a dislike for President Obama that is visceral,” he said. “It’s almost irrational.”

The bottom-dweller in almost every poll also said Trump can’t draw enough Hispanic support to win the presidency and that “Hillary Clinton will clean his clock” should he be nominated by the GOP.

“He can’t grow this party,” Graham said. “He represents a level of intolerance and … cartoon policy that won’t sell.”

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