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Cruz’s hilarious response to Trump’s ‘maniac’ name-calling

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Ted Cruz’s hilarious response to Donald Trump’s latest bout of name-calling left the billionaire speechless.

Appearing on Fox News Sunday, Trump said Cruz was unqualified for the presidency because he’s a bit of a “maniac.”

Cruz wasted no time responding, tweeting this “in honor of my friend” Trump.

The Texas senator, the latest rising frontrunner in the Republican nomination race to challenge Trump, has refused to join others in attacking media-savvy mogul, and that strategy may be paying off.  A Fox News poll released Sunday shows Cruz leading Trump in Iowa 28 to 26 percent.

Trump has, so far, offered no reply to Cruz’s friendly humor, but he did challenge the poll results.


In the last few weeks Trump taunted Cruz to attack him, claiming Cruz “is going to have to hit me.” at a Georgia rally.  But the controversial conservative senator has consistently refused to take the bait.  Will the cage match between the two really happen, or will Cruz’s “smother them with love” approach give him the win?

Supporters of both men battled it out on Twitter.



One Twitter user suggested Cruz and Trump team up—that would be a dynamic duo.


Steve Berman


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