Minister fights judge’s order to ‘take class on Islam’ after allegedly shoving Muslim down stairs

A Massachusetts landlord, who is also an ordained minister, is claiming her constitutional rights have been violated after a trial court ordered her to take a class […]

Funniest pro-2nd Amendment video ever! ‘Burglars for Gun Control’

Burglars for gun control? A video was recently posted to YouTube that perfectly illustrates why banning firearms would benefit only the criminal element — and it does […]

Donald Trump - Lindsey Graham
If you didn’t like Lindsey Graham before, you will really dislike him now!

Is it possible Republican presidential candidate Lindsey Graham believes if he insults the “irrational” GOP base that it will instill life in his otherwise comatose campaign? Or […]

Homeowner holds burglars at gunpoint — has them call 911 on themselves

A Washington state homeowner caught two burglars who had bren into his residence. And as he held them at gunpoint, he ordered them to their knees and […]

Message to ISIS in Christmas lights gets homeowner a visit from cops

In putting up Christmas lights this year, a Maine homeowner had a very succinct message for Islamic State terrorists. But little did he know that hiscreative use […]

Iowa man holds sign behind beggars that got everyone’s attention

An Iowa man has stirred controversy with a sign telling people not to give money to two beggars. A man only referred to as Mike said he […]

When two race-baiting scam artists collide on social media . . .

What happens when two race-baiting scam artists collide on social media? Entertainment ensues. Black Lives Matter activist, who has been accused of being white, Shaun King had […]

Protesters demand word ‘illegal’ be removed from local restaurant name

Students at the University of Arizona are protesting the term “illegal” and calling for its removal from the name of a local restaurant because they deem the term a racial slur against Mexican immigrants.

Obama admin refused to look at visa applicants’ social media; reason why will infuriate you

The realization that the U.S. government has a secret policy that prohibits immigration officials from reviewing social media posts of all foreign citizens applying for U.S. visas […]

Trump gets sucked into ‘phony’ Justice Scalia affirmative action controversy

Donald Trump‘s critics are quick to tag him as a racist and a bigot, but the Republican front-runner was openly critical of remarks made last week by […]

Harris-Perry traumatized as child by Star Wars racism; what she did with black Barbies and Chewie

It’ll be interesting to compare the response from Star Wars fans to MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry suggestingthe iconic movie has racist overtones to the reactionFox News contributorKatherine […]

Photos of British landmarks found in Paris jihadist’s phone

Images left on the cell phone of the mastermind behind the devastating Paris terror attack suggest that his next targets may have been the United Kingdom. After […]