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Mock mass shooting planned to end ‘gun-free zones’

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With a goal to end to gun-free zones, pro-gun advocates in Texas plan to hold a mock mass shooting Saturday afternoon.

Matthew Short, with the gun rights group Come and Take It Texas, told “Fox & Friends Weekend” host Tucker Carlson gun-free zones endanger the public and pointed out that 95 percent of mass shootings happen in areas that ban guns.

“There is an inalienable right to bear your arms, which is in the defense of our own persons and our property and our families,” Short said.

The activists will hold an open carry demonstration Saturday near the University of Texas, and then stage a mass shooting.

And they will attempt to make the exercise appear authentic, using “fake blood, victims, attackers and ‘rescuers’ armed with cardboard guns. Announcers using bullhorns will simulate the sound of gunfire,” the Los Angeles Times reported.

Critics have condemned them for poor timing and for “staging a mass shooting during an anxious time for students.”

The event “was planned far ahead of the San Bernardino shootings,” according to the L.A. Times.

Short was critical of politicians who call for more stringent gun control laws in response to mass shootings, saying he was offended by these efforts to curtail the right to bear arms.

“I don’t see how creating more ‘victim killing zones’ is actually a way of controlling these situations,” he said.

Tom Tillison


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