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Guilfoyle has blunt message for Bowe Bergdahl after photos disprove ‘Jason Bourne’ defense

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Echoing a sentiment widely held outside the Obama administration, Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle didn’t mince her words Friday while discussing Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who faces charges of desertion and misbehaving before the enemy after abandoning his unit in Afghanistan.

“You caused people to lose their lives, you coward,” Guilfoyle said on “The Five.”

After having the better part of the year to huddle with his lawyers, Bergdahl offered the far-fetched defense that he walked away from his post in 2009 because he wanted to draw attention to “leadership failure” in the Army, but decided instead to channel his inner Jason Bourne, the fictional big screen action hero, and gather intelligence on the Taliban.

Intel that the soldier would turn over to the same Army he claims had leadership problems.

“Doing what I did is me saying that I am like, I don’t know, Jason Bourne,” he told screenwriter and film producer Mark Boal in an interview. “I had this fantastic idea that I was going to prove to the world that I was the real thing. You know, that I could be what it is that all those guys out there that go to the movies and watch those movies — they all want to be that — but I wanted to prove I was that.”

Shockingly, his plan didn’t work.

A former platoon mate who served with Bergdahl in Afghanistan provided Fox News with photos which undermine the dubious claim about poor leadership.

A stress-free Bergdahl shown with a goat – Photo Source Fox News

Former Army Pvt. Joseph Coe said Bergdahl gave him the photos five days before he deserted his unit.

“That whole story that he walked away to tell on us doesn’t make any sense,” Coe told Fox News. “He was relaxed and there was nothing about leadership problems.”

Bergdahl, pictured here with fellow platoon members – Photo Source Fox News

Guilfoyle had plenty of support from skeptical social media users, who were less than enamored with the Bourne defense.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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