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Food court grand opening features Trump piñata for kids, Latinos to destroy: ‘I want to kill him!

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A new food cart in Portland, Oregon, featured a Donald Trump piñata flipping a bird as part of its grand opening celebration.

True to form, folks attending the opening of the El Diablito food cart, to include children, lined up to take a whack at the papier-maché effigy of the Republican presidential front-runner. The objective, according to a Laughing at Liberals video description, is to destroy the piñata “to promote peace and fight hate.”

I want to kill him!” a small child anxiously awaiting his turn cried out.

An adult is heard laughing as he asked the child, “You want to kill him?”

“We want to break away the hate, we want to break away the anti-Muslim, the anti-people and the children, the racism, the [unintelligible], the anti-women … all the hate he has in his heart,” a woman with a heavy Spanish accent says on the video. “We break it tonight.”

She then offers thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe while celebrating the opening of the food cart whose name literally translates to “the little devil.”

H/T Gateway Pundit

Interestingly, the Portland CBS affiliate KOIN reported on the event, then seemingly pulled the story.

But a photo of the Trump piñata was posted on social media by an account belonging to a Portland food cart “Tired and Poor,” although it’s not clear if they are one and the same. A GIF posted by another social media user revealed the ultimate fate of the Trump piñata:


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