Fierce debate rages over ‘obscene’ amount of Christmas gifts mom bought for her kids

A British mom who purchased 300 Christmas presents for her kids has caused a fiery debate both on social media and Fox News’ “Outnumbered.”

Some people were outraged at mother of three Emma Tapping, from the Isle of Man, when she posted a picture of her Christmas tree almost hidden by a mountain of presents to her Instagram account.

Others though it was fantastic and jokingly asked her to adopt them.

“It’s her house. If she wants to buy them a lot of gifts, let her,” Andrea Tantaros said. “Who am I to criticize?”

Her co-host Katherine Timpf was a little more critical while still agreeing that the mom could do whatever she wanted to.

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“The kids are probably nightmares,” Timpf said.

“There’s ‘giving’ and there’s turning your kid into a monster,” she added. “I don’t know exactly where this falls along that.”

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Watch the segment below.

Social media reaction was mixed as well.

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