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Banned yearbook photo brings all out WAR; dad asks you to help fight progressive jerk principal

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Irrational liberal anti-gun hysteria has now expanded to ban pictures of guns in a school yearbook—even in gun-toting North Dakota—and one father is outraged.

My first update! Josh’s picture is now under review by the Associate Superintendent Bob Grosz. But a interesting…

Posted by Charlie Renville on Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Josh Renville, a senior at Fargo North High School, submitted a picture for his school yearbook of himself holding “his favorite rifle,” wearing a stars and stripes t-shirt.  But Principal Andy Dahlen nixed the photo, according to a Facebook post Tuesday by the boy’s father, Charlie Renville.

Fargo North High school has rejected this picture for Josh’s year book ……because in their words it promotes violence and breaks federal and state law, really! How? Well I called Andy Dahlen ( head principal of North High), he is trying to state that people can not bring guns on school property, in his words “it’s the law”. Andy it’s a picture. No different then the pictures in the school library of soldiers during anyone of our nations wars. Or what about hunting books? Do those pictures that violate federal law too?


The elder Renville called out Dahlen on his decision. “What item is illegal in this picture?” Renville asked in his post. In fact, nothing. All semiautomatic rifles are legal in North Dakota.

Renville is also demanding that the principal lose his job, calling Dahlen a “far left progressive” and “morally bankrupt person.”

“Enough is enough he needs to be fired!” Renville wrote.

The Roughrider State takes its guns seriously.

In fact. state law bans employers from prohibiting employees to keep guns in their cars during working hours, and allows workers to sue their bosses if they even ask “do you have a gun?”  Over 54 percent of North Dakotans own guns, with nearby Wyoming and neighboring Montana occupying the top two spots in the nation for household gun ownership.

The enraged father’s post has been shared over 1,700 times as of Saturday morning.  If you agree that the school has gone too far, share this post to show your support for Renville.

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