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DHS Whistleblower: Obama SHUT DOWN investigation that could have STOPPED San Bernardino

DHS Whistleblower
Fox News screenshot.

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In yet another example of political correctness trumping the safety and security of American citizens, a former Department of Homeland Security employee said the Obama administration shut down an investigation that could have prevented the San Bernardino terrorist attack.

Fox News correspondent Trace Gallagher reported that Philip Haney, the former DHS employee, was assigned to the department’s Intelligence Review Unit.

“His job was to investigate individuals with potential links to terrorism,” Gallagher told Fox News host Megyn Kelly on “The Kelly File,” Thursday. “He noticed a trend of people with suspected radicalized ties coming into the United States.”

But a year later, the State Department and the DHS Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties shut the investigation down, claiming that tracking the individuals and groups was “problematic” because they were Islamic.

Among the 67 of Haney’s records that were deleted was “an investigation into an organization with ties to the mosque in Riverside [California] that San Bernardino terrorist Syed Farook attended,” Gallagher reported.

Several years ago, after Haney complained of the shutdown of his investigation to Congress, DHS reportedly revoked his security clearance and pulled him from his duties.

DHS officials claim Haney’s story has “many holes,” without comment on what those holes may be..

Haney told Kelly in detail how his investigation, had it been allowed to continue, could have thwarted the San Bernardino m assacre.

“Either Syed would have been put on the no-fly list because association with that mosque, and/or the K-1 visa that his wife was given may have been denied because of his association with a known organization,” Haney explained.

When pressed by Kelly, Haney said the investigation was specifically shut down because it could be considered “profiling.” He claimed he was not allowed to build a case on any “Islamic group.”

The DHS awarded Haney with a letter of commendation, he said,  for having found 300 terrorists through his investigation before the initiative was shut down.

Would Haney’s investigation have been terminated had the focus been Latter Day Saints members?

Watch the interview, via Fox News.


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