College students demand renaming of ‘Lynch Memorial Hall’; evokes ‘racism’

Screenshot NBC Philadelphia.
Screenshot NBC Philadelphia.

College students must be running out of things that offend them.

Students at Pennsylvania’s Lebanon Valley College want to rename the school’s “Lynch Memorial Hall” because, they say, it evokes thoughts of racism.

The building is named after former school president Clyde A. Lynch, who headed the school from 1932 until he died in 1950, NBC Philadelphia reported.

The disgruntled students have demanded Lynch’s name be removed or his first name and middle initial to be added, presumably to prevent anyone from thinking the college named a building after the act of lynching a human.

The ultimatum was part of a list of demands handed to the school Friday, according to NBC Philadelphia.

The demands included diversity training for staff, frequent checks on the school’s “racial climate” and recognition of several types of gender identity.

School spokesman, Marty Parkes, said Lynch was a “very important” figure in the history of the Pennsylvania college, but promised that school President Lewis Thayne would consider all the demands and address them next month at a forum.

She added that school officials don’t want to do “anything that would denigrate his (Lynch) memory or his legacy here.”

Watch the report below.

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