Rapper Rick Ross makes song saying ‘ASSASSINATE Trump’; where’s Loretta Lynch when you need her?

Attorney General Loretta Lynch said she is loing to crack down on “violent talk” while telling Muslims she would prosecute individuals who used such speech against them. […]

Gun store owner who won free-speech lawsuit takes it to next level; CAIR promptly issues ‘Islamophobia watch’

A Florida gun shop owner who declared his business a “Muslim Free Zone” is offering the same service to individuals. He’s selling “Muslim Free Zone” signs to […]

Cruz rips Obama: Stop ignoring terrorists, American people aren’t the bad guys!

Senator Ted Cruz blastedPresident Obama’s response to last week’s shooting in San Bernardino, saying he is in denial about Islamic terrorism. Appearing on Fox News’ “The Kelly […]

Zero tolerance: Texas imam FORCED to resign for backing Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’; says he’s not alone

What happened to a Texas imam provedonce again that Islam is an intolerant religion — even in secular matters. Either toe the or you’re out. Dr. […]

MORE bulk pre-paid cell phone purchases in Missouri alert FBI; dozens of propane tanks stolen from 3 locations

Real trouble could be brewing in America’s heartland — or it could all be coincidence.

It began late last week when “Middle Eastern men” reportedly depleted the stock in pre-paid cell phones at two Missouri Walmart locations…

Fiorina makes MINCEMEAT out of CNN’s Cuomo for suggesting ‘rhetoric’ sparked Planned Parenthood shooter

Carly Fiorina let CNN’s Chris Cuomo have it when he suggested the Republican presidential candidate’s rhetoric influenced the Colorado Planned Parenthood shooter. “Oh, please. Really, Chris?” Fiorinasaid […]

Paying $124,668 a year, San Antonio can’t find enough cops

From Watchdog.org. San Antonio is short 200 police officers, despite offering hiring bonuses and boosting entry-level pay past $40,000 to bolster its thin blue . Reasons for […]

Ben Carson threatens to leave party; FURIOUS over report GOP establishment might pull fast one on voters

Republican presidential contender Dr. Ben Carson has joined Donald Trump with his own threat to leave the Republican party. The retiredneurosurgeon lashed out at party heads in […]

Minnesota security guard 10th in Twin Cities charged with supporting ISIS

A Minnesota man, accused of providing material support to the Islamic State terrorist organization, made his first court appearance Thursday. He was employed as a security guard. […]

Illinois man pleads guilty to plotting ISIS attack on US Military base

An Illinois man pleaded guilty Wednesday to planning an attack on a U.S. military base

Petition to BAN Trump from UK reach enough signatures for Parliament debate

A petition to ban Donald Trump from the U.K. reached 100,000 signatures in one day, making the proposition eligible for debate on the parliament floor…

Gun-grabbing governor to use executive order; vows to be first to ban sales from watch-listed

The governor of Connecticut has vowed to issue an outright ban on gun sales to people on federal government terrorist watch lists, including the no fly list. […]

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