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Surprises surface about Farook’s ‘nerdy’ neighbor; expected to be indicted as plot thickens

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The plot continues to thicken as federal investigators dig into events that led up to the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, with the “nerdyformer neighbor of the terror couple responsible for last week’s assault expected to be indicted.

But does the relationship go much deeper than just neighbors?

Enrique Marquez, who checked into a mental health facility following the attack, legally bought the AR-15 rifles used by Syed Farook and his jihadi bride Tashfeen Malik in the attack that claimed 14 lives. The ex-neighbor has been speaking with law enforcement and has offered “substantial information” about Farook and Malik, according to Fox News.

Information that may result in him being charged.

Investigators suspect the rifles were purchased for an attack in 2012 that Marquez was involved in:

Fox News reported:

 Law enforcement officials believe Farook and Marquez discussed executing an attack somewhere in the Los Angeles area in 2012, but decided not to do so after four people were arrested in nearby Riverside County in an unrelated terror case. Investigators believe Marquez bought the rifles and gave them or sold them to Farook in preparation for that planned attack. It is not clear what the target of the attack would have been.


Turns out, Marquez was married to Farook’s sister-in-law Mariya Chernykh, according to the Daily Mail.

But was it a marriage of convenience, as the marriage between Farook and Malik may have been? The FBI is looking into whether that union was arranged by a terror group.

The details behind the marriage between Marquez and Russian-born Chernykh reveal a much more complex relationship between Marquez and Farook than mere neighbors, according to the Daily Mail.

Mariya Chernykh (left), sister Tatiana (right) — Photo Source Daily Mail

Chernykh came to the U.S. in 2009 to visit her sister Tatiana, who had married Syed Raheel Farook, the decorated Navy-veteran brother of gunman Syed Farook.

The Daily Mail reported:

The relationship may have been a sham, however, as Chernykh regularly posted images of herself with another man, Oscar Romero, along with pictures of a girl the pair refer to as their daughter.

[Marquez and Chernykh] married in November 2014, with Raheel Farook and Tatiana acting as witnesses, documents show.

On a subsequent citizenship application, Raheel Farook is shown acting as a guarantor for Marquez, vouching that he had enough money to support his new spouse.

Marquez was also known to be a close friend of Syed Rizwan Farook, with one neighbor telling journalists that the pair had close since childhood.

Greta Van Susteren reported on the latest developments in the San Bernardino investigation, to include the digital footprints of the terror couple:

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